Queer[ed] Storyscapes is a project for queer people to learn about and share their experiences of being queer in Wilmington through art and expression.


Any community member interested who identifies as queer in some way - students and non-students, adults, elders, youth - is invited to be a part of Queer[ed] Storyscapes.*


Local queer artists will lead CoLabs (a participatory alternative to workshops) in their artistic field. Participants are encouraged to join, listen, and make art of their own at these CoLabs. As a culminating piece of the CoLabs, spread out over two months, participants will have the opportunity to share their pieces in a gallery and tell their stories of being queer in Wilmington.


2018 CoLabs will meet  March 14th, March 28th, April 11th, and April 25th from 6:30-8pm at (Bottega Wine and Art). There will be a fifth, optional workshop, on May 2nd to help participants write a short statement to describe their collected pieces of art and narrative.

Participants are not required to have prior knowledge in any of the fields to attend or participate. Though, if you have worked in an art field before, please still come; there is always more to learn.

We hope that these CoLabs will provide participants new techniques and avenues to share their personal stories in the world, through these select mediums. Our focus is on the expression of the LGBTQ experience, the subsequent learning from that expression, and less on creating flawless art pieces. We are here to bring together the various LGBTQ communities to build a stronger collective, and let our stories queer the landscape of Wilmington.

Please come be a part of this project and share your unique narrative!


LGBTQIA community members - students and non-students, adults, elders, youth - interested in being a part of these CoLabs, are encouraged to come, meet, and if comfortable, participate with us. We ask that if you would like to participate, you come on time for the each CoLab. You are, however, free to leave if you do not feel it is for you.

Thought not required, we highly encourage you to come to each consecutive CoLab and participate in each artistic field. This is so we can build a stronger community and foster a collective space for sharing and expression. You are not required to participate in the gallery showing at the end of the two months, but attending every workshop will build better relationships with the other artists and give you a full portfolio of work, should you decide to share.

The CoLab artists will provide supplies for the workshops if anything specific or extra is needed.

After the workshops have ended, and participants have hopefully been enlightened to new ways of expression, we will hold a gallery that features all art created by participants. You will be given the chance to read or share your own story, and talk about what you’ve learned. An optional fifth workshop, discussing ways to summarize your experience through the pieces of art, will be held. This summary blurb will be what viewers of the gallery, and future participants of Queer[ed] Storyscapes, have to understand you and your narrative.



*Because we focus on amplifying the voices of minoritized people, we kindly ask that allies respect the need for this space to exist and do not participate in the CoLabs; however, we strongly encourage you to participate in funding and/or attending other Queer[ed] Storyscapes events.


where we began:

Queer[ed] Storyscapes is a long-time project idea (fifteen years in the making!) of Dr. Dana M. Stachowiak's, an assistant professor in the Watson College of Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Queer[ed] Storyscapes merges the ideas and philosophies from Dr. Stachowiak's research on lived curriculum and curriculum of place; her work as an undergrad on a museum exhibition that featured photography, poetry, and essays of life as a Mexican American in Southwest Michigan titled "Treasures/Tesoros;" and the work of her friend, Kathleen Edwards on "Storyscapes: Remapping Downtown Greensboro," a project that centers the stories of people experiencing homelessness. Queer[ed] Storyscapes honors these influences. We kicked off our pilot year in 2017, with generous assistance from Megan Ellis and Martha Lundin, two [since graduated] graduate assistants at UNCW.

bottega art & wine has graciously gifted us their space every Wednesday from 6:30-8p for our CoLabs. if you can't join us for our CoLabs, please go support them any other day of the week!