Monica's Story:

My piece is a poem about the first time that I experienced homophobia directed at me on campus. I was not naive as to believe that homophobia was not present at UNCW, however, I had never met it face to face. It was during a work shift, and we were setting up a room directly next to the LGBTQIA Resource Office. The office was its usual loud and lively self, and I made a comment about how much I love the people in there. [My coworker] immediately just turned to me and started yelling about how much he hates the office, about how he thinks that we don't need one because of marriage equality, about how we were just segregating ourselves by having an office, about how he believes that we need to fit into society, and most importantly that he loathed that his tuition helps keep the space there. It was after that moment that I knew I had to do as much as I could to foster an inclusive environment at UNCW because I never want another student to have to face that experience.