Jasper's story:

This piece signifies one of the many gender meltdowns I had on campus, and I did this piece to really signify the struggle of gender and split identities. From very early on we have gender forced upon us, and even more established than our assigned gender is the gender binary. So finding out that you aren't who everyone has told you to be your entire life is hard enough, but it's even harder when you have no idea who you possibly could be. Growing up assigned male, I had very strong ideas of what it meant to be a man and who I was supposed to be beat into me (quite literally). So finding out that hey, you're not this gender, but you're not the "opposite" gender either, has been a rough struggle. Part of the problem is that I had already realized and accepted that I was gay from a young age, despite all the struggles there. My sexuality was firm and I knew who I was with that, but finding out I was trans not only shattered my previously held identity but that I could no longer relate to the the only community of people that had stood by me, that I had looked to for guidance and help for years.